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Benefits of hiring an individual with ASD

Autism Services Ottawa believes that by having a diverse workforce it benefits both businesses and staff alike. As an employer you will have access to a larger pool of qualified applicants. You will also be promoting an inclusive workplace for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and a more respectful, and welcoming environment for all employees.

Job Coaching

Job coaching refers to the training of an employee by an ASD employment coach, who uses structured intervention techniques to help the employee learn to perform job tasks to the employer's specifications. Facilitation of natural supports in the workplace is developed to assist the new employee to understand the work culture, connect with co-workers and managers.

In addition to job-site training, job coaching includes related assessment, job development, counseling, advocacy, making arrangements for any workplace accommodations and other services needed to maintain employment. ASD employment coaches remain available to the employer and co-workers as an ongoing resource and to ensure a long term relationship. All training and support services are provided at no cost to the employer.

Accommodations and Assistive Technology

A job accommodation is a change made to a job or to the work environment to assist the employee with job tasks to make the job easier to complete. Accommodations are a shared responsibility, everyone involved, including the person asking for the accommodation, should work together to reach a solution. Some options could be specialized computer software, mechanical devices; augmentative communication; materials in alternate format; change in work schedule; organizers and schedules.

Employment Support and Services Training

Managing employees with autism

This training course will give you a greater understanding of autism spectrum disorder and increase your confidence in your ability to manage the employee with ASD effectively. Through group exercises and course materials you will learn more about autism as well as the correct phrases and terminology. The training will identify management strategies that can help to prevent or address any issues in the workplace.

Understanding Co-workers with an ASD

This training course will give you a greater understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and increase your confidence in your ability to work effectively with colleagues with an ASD. The training will help you to identify different working strategies that you can use to develop a successful working relationship with colleagues with an ASD. Through group exercises, you will learn more about ASDs as well as the relevant phrases and terminology.

Work Skills for Individuals with an ASD

Autism Services Ottawa’s training course for people with autism spectrum disorder is for those who are currently in employment and want to increase their understanding of the potential complexities of the workplace. As an employee, you will have the opportunity to explore work-related challenges alongside other people on the autism spectrum. The course aims to increase your confidence and skills in the workplace, and will look at the following topics:

What is autism?

Autism Services Ottawa will aim to ensure employees fully understand their autism and how it affects them.

Communication skills in the workplace

Topics covered include: small talk, interpreting non-verbal communication, communicating in different contexts and teamwork with the focus on formal and informal communication in the workplace.

Managing anxiety in the workplace

Autism Services Ottawa will look at the key sources of anxiety in the workplace and explore strategies for reducing anxiety at work. We will also discuss ways to seek further support.

Assertiveness skills for the workplace

This section explores strategies for communicating in an assertive manner, enabling employees to increase their confidence when communicating at work.

Organizational skills for the workplace

Employees will be introduced to resources and strategies for developing/enhancing skills in organization, prioritization and time management in the workplace.

Further information

Please telephone Suzanne Ford 613-721-1500 ext. 219 or email at suzanne@ysowlmaclure.org

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